A Filthy Washroom Can Harm Your Office Reputation

There are very many office cleaning services in Dubai, which help in the sanitization of washrooms in offices. Most offices have outsourced these services from the commercial cleaning services in Dubai.

In the current world, that we live in the clients’ image towards a business organization is very important. If by any chance, an office has poor sanitation services due to the filthy washrooms, which may pose a hazard to both external and internal environments of a business.

Negative impact

To the employees, there may be so many sick offs due to infectious causing germs. Calling for sick offs costs around 225 billion dollars each year resulting in about 54% of losses attached to productivity. The statistics prove that the employees can also transmit germs and bacteria amongst themselves. One may transmit from the washrooms and into the office to other office equipment like the computer or printer. The most common diseases transmitted are hepatitis A and E, and salmonella.

Morale of the employees also decreases due to the unhygienic toilets. Statistics have proven that the employees have a higher morale while working in a clean environment. When morale comes down to a working environment, job satisfaction also goes down. In some instances, the working energy of the employees comes down since the employees feel like they are not valued. Productivity also comes down not because of the employees’ absence in work but the motivation of the employees will go down. This is because they also feel like the organization has neglected some of their office needs.

The image of the business is also at stake since at some point some external individuals may want to use the restroom. These individuals may be current and potential clients, suppliers and business partners. The business may have a very negative feedback from them since they may not forget thus leading to a damaging report about a business. A good example if a washroom is filthy it may have a very negative report since it signifies that, even the normal day to day running of the business, the company cannot handle it well.

To some extent, some of the equipment in the washrooms are expensive and if not cleaned regularly, they may tend to have stains forever. Example the toilet bowl, the sink etc.


The best option for a business opportunity to ensure that the washrooms are clean is to outsource the services from a well-renowned cleaning service company. This is because the company works under the stipulated period; they will use the appropriate chemicals to clean. The employees will become healthier. The rate at which people get sick also reduces and the business becomes productive. The money used for the employees’ treatment can do other things. The business ratings also go up since employees, business partners and suppliers will not have a negative perspective towards the company about its cleanliness.

Employees will have a very conducive working environment. You may find that some of them are extending office hours because the odour is no more. Statistics show that one in every three people who go the washrooms do not clean their hands after visiting the bathroom. It is very important to ensure that the washrooms are in good hygiene to reduce the infections amongst employees.

Published on December 12, 2017 By: Admin