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How To Keep Your Office Carpet Clean?

Ensuring that your office carpet is clean helps the employees have a healthy workspace and also enhances the office appearance. You also get to eliminate germs, bacteria, dust, and pesticides during cleaning which can result in the office having fresh and clean air. Getting office cleaning services quite often helps your carpet have a great look and also last longer. It is also a good option to get commercial cleaning services as they have all the equipment and cleaning products required.

Clean Frequently

Cleaning services are quite common, and getting your office cleaned and vacuumed frequently ensures that the dirt and dust particles don’t accumulate. You can also have spot cleaning to get rid of spills and stains. You should call for office cleaning services before the stain settles as it is easier to clean and prevents it from becoming permanent.

Ensure You Use Rugs

You should take preventive measures like laying rugs outside and indoors. By this, people getting in the office can wipe off dust and dirt from their shoes before coming in. The rug inside the door allows one to have a perfect wipe and give the shoe an extra wipe. They also get to clean the dirt they might have collected in the corridors and high traffic area. You can also place rugs on your carpet to keep it clean longer and also prevent spillage of foods and drinks.

Have Meals in Break Rooms

Also, encourage your workmates and employees to have their meals in the break rooms. With this, you prevent spillage and stains on your carpet. Placing your cleaning equipment and products at the worker’s disposal also helps as they can clean up their mess before they stick and become permanent stains. Have a different kind of floors like tiles or hardwood floors in the break rooms as they are easier to clean.

Use Carts with Wheels to Move Furniture

You can keep your carpet clean by ensuring you do not drug furniture and other equipment over. By dragging, the carpet stretches and tears making it worn out. You also get to leave dirt on the carpet. To prevent the ruining of your carpet during shipping and moving furniture you can use plastic mats over your carpet or use carts with wheels. Use plastic mats under the worker’s seats to protect the carpet from getting dirty from spills and movement.

Place Dustbins and Trash Cans around the Office

Having dustbins around the office can ensure that your carpet stays clean longer as people do not place trash all over the place. Littering the office can make the carpet dirty and have spots. Ensure that you get a regular deep cleaning from commercial cleaning services as they can clean deep down into the carpets. By maintaining your carpet regularly, you get to prevent destruction and ruining of carpet’s fibres and prevent permanent stains. You should also ensure that your office cleaning services use cleaning products that will not leave any spots.

Published on May 05, 2018 By: Admin