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Office Cleaning Tasks Checklist

To make sure that your office cleaning tasks are being done properly, you should have a checklist. By having an office cleaning checklist, you will be able to prioritize the cleaning tasks and make sure they have been completed daily or weekly. To maintain a cleaning task checklist, you should remember that some tasks need to be done daily, while others need a weekly cleaning. Even if you have hired an office cleaning company, you must make sure that the tasks are being done on time and on a regular basis. The following tasks should be included in the checklist you make for your office cleaning services:

Daily Cleaning Checklist

The daily cleaning checklist should include those things which get dirty and filthy daily. These tasks must be completed daily to keep a clean and tidy environment in the office. The daily cleaning checklist should cover all areas of the office such as the washrooms, workspaces, lobby, kitchen, and cafeteria. The following points should be included in the checklist:

  • Daily vacuuming of floors and carpets to remove dust and debris.
  • Mopping using a disinfectant for all the tiled areas and bare floors.
  • Emptying the dust bins and adding a new line.
  • Dusting the bookshelves, desks, computers, tables, cabinets, chairs, and other fixtures.
  • Damp wipe all the surfaces such as tables and chairs using a disinfectant.
  • Clean all the windows and glass surfaces using a glass spray.
  • Wipe the baseboards, light switches, and door handles.
  • Clean the toilets and sanitize the sinks, toilet seats, and basins.
  • Replace toilet papers and hand towels in the washrooms.
  • Wipe the worktops in the kitchen and clean the fridge exterior.
  • Clean the microwave, water dispenser, and coffee maker.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

The weekly cleaning checklist should include all the tasks which do not require cleaning on a daily basis. Weekly cleaning tasks also ensure a safe and clean environment and make sure that your office presents a good image to the employees and customers. The following points should be included in a weekly office cleaning services checklist:

  • Clean all the walls and ceilings to make sure there are no cobwebs or dust accumulation there.
  • Vacuum the air vents and upholstery such as sofas and plush chairs.
  • Clean all the furniture, bookshelves, and cabinets by taking out all the objects and using a damp cloth. For example, remove all the books from the bookshelf, clean it properly and put the books back.
  • Clean the fridge from inside by taking out all the items.
  • Spray buff all the bare and hard floors.
  • Squeegee the glass materials such as windows from both sides.
  • Dust all the hard-to-reach surfaces such as the top area of cupboards, cabinets, and shelves.

Both these checklists will make the cleaning task easier for you and the office cleaning service provider. The list consists the basic cleaning tasks which should be performed to maintain a clean and healthy environment at the office. Regular cleaning of your office will reflect a good image of your company and benefit you in the long run.

Published on August 08, 2017 By: Admin