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Common Reasons for Office Sickness

Office sickness creates a lot of trouble for both employers and employees. There must be steps taken to reduce this problem. Every company wishes to minimize absenteeism so that it can increase its productivity. As an employer, it may be worrisome for you if your employees are absent on a frequent basis or are not able to perform properly due to office sickness. To get rid of this issue, read these common reasons for office sickness:


Employees are highly affected by the environment of the workplace. If the office is too congested and consists of other disturbing factors such as glaring lights, annoying sound, chatter, and other forms of pollution, employees will not be able to work properly. Stress can cause demotivation in employees and thus, they won’t feel interested in reaching the office on a daily basis. Moreover, other factors such as uncooperative coworkers and bosses can lead to stress. Stressful employees have a low morale and would get absent often.

Exposure to Mold and Dust

If the office environment is untidy, employees are most likely to get sick and demotivated. Mostly, the carpets and HVAC systems are the cause of mold and mildew because they allow bacteria and other germs to dwell in them. Poor sanitary conditions may lead to flu, cough and other diseases which can lead to the employee getting absent. Office cleaning companies in Dubai share that poor working conditions can be improved if they hire cleaning companies which clean offices on a daily basis.


Another big reason for office sickness is the contamination at the workplace. Most office spaces are not well-ventilated, and employers don’t pay much attention to the breathability of the environment. If the working environment is sealed and packed, it will get difficult for employees, especially those who have allergies. Moreover, employees are most likely to inhale chemicals such as pesticides and paint fumes and can get sick. You can get the services of office cleaning company Dubai to make sure your workplace is free from contamination.

Poor Seating Arrangements

If the workplace has a poor seating arrangement, employees are most likely to get sick. They might also suffer from a backache and stiffness in muscles. Backaches can also lead to demotivation and highly unsatisfied employees and this, in turn, decreases the overall productivity of the company. To avoid office sickness in your employees, you must make arrangements for comfortable and durable chairs and seats. Chairs with ergonomic designs are very beneficial for employees who have to work for long periods.

Untidy Kitchen

If the canteen or kitchen at your office is not clean and tidy, it is most likely that employees may suffer from office sickness. The utensils used for eating and drinking should be washed properly or else they can cause sickness and diseases in employees, which can lead to absenteeism.

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