Tips to Clean Computers and Other Electronics in the Office

Cleanliness is something that needs to be maintained at all times. When it comes to cleaning electronics and computer, a lot of caution needs to be observed since any harm to these items can harm your work. Perhaps this is the reason why you ought to contact the best company forĀ office cleaning in Dubai.

While there are quite a few reliable places forĀ office cleaning company Dubai, let us provide you with some tips that can make things easier for you.

The first thing that you need to remember when cleaning computers or any other electronic device is that it needs to be turned off and unplugged from the power source.

Cleaning Keyboard

If you are cleaning the keyboard, it needs to be disconnected from the system. You will then need to make use of compressed air to clean between the keys. Make sure that the container is held such that you spray at an angle, which will get rid of the grime and dust effectively. The keyboard is then to be turned over and shaken gently which would dislodge any remaining crumbs and loosen the dust particles. Keep spraying and shaking till nothing falls out. Following this, use a small amount of all-purpose cleaner and a soft rag to wipe the keyboard and wait till it is completely dry to reconnect it.

Cleaning Mouse

The surface of the mouse should be cleaned daily. For this, disconnect the mouse from the system, spray some antibacterial cleaner on a piece of cloth and use it to clean the surface gently.

For the underside of the mouse, how you clean it would depend on the type of mouse you have, that is, whether it is an optical mouse or a ball mouse.

If you have an optical mouse, use a cotton swab after dampening it with alcohol. The excess moisture should be removed, and then you need to clean the LED and lens area gently. Try not to exert any pressure on the area. After this, use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe the area to make it certain that it is dry. Once the mouse is completely dry, you can re-plug it.

With the ball mouse, you will need to disassemble the tracking area as per the instructions of the manufacturer. The ball has to be taken out. You can then clean it using a microfiber cleaning cloth for the purpose. You can also use some compressed air to get rid of accumulated lint. However, make sure that the moisture is not sprayed into the mouse.

Different Rules for Different Parts

We have only outlined how to clean two parts of a computer system. One thing that is apparent from this is that there are different ways to tackle each piece of equipment. Handling it on your own might get a bit difficult, which is why you ought to leave it to the professionals so that your stuff does not incur any harm.

Published on January 01, 2018 By: Admin