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What Standard Operating Procedures To Follow For Office Cleaning

“First impression is the last impression,” Right? And a clean office is a direct reflection of a company’s identity. It demonstrates that the organization values quality and customer satisfaction, two of the most critical business objectives. It’s crucial to understand how cleaning contributes to a workspace, whether you’re in charge of facility cleaning or hired to clean an office.

One of the most fundamental reasons for office cleaning is to lower the danger of sickness. Cleaning and disinfecting daily can considerably reduce the threat of illness spreading across the office. Employees will be well and happy, but there will also be no loss of workplace productivity due to frequent worker sick days.

First Step of Office Cleaning – Gather all necessary tools:

Gather all of the cleaning chemicals, tools, and accessories you’ll need for the job. Head to the cleaning area with your janitorial cart loaded with materials and chemicals. If there will be any mopping or substantial cleaning, put up “restricted for cleaning” banners and fence off the area with the appropriate warning floor signs.

The actions that follow assume that someone will be able to do office cleaning daily. The daily and weekly cleanups can be combined if this isn’t the case.

Daily Office Cleaning!

I know you want to keep your office as clean, friendly, and organized as possible to maximize productivity. You also want to make sure that your employees have a fun and healthy work environment that keeps morale up and encourages them to do their best.

So, for this, try regular deep office cleaning. Visually inspect the area for any trash or paper. Pick up these items and properly dispose of them. Furthermore, all debris or dirt that cannot be cleaned by hand should be vacuumed away. A backpack vacuum is a beautiful way to suction up surrounding office cubicles fast and efficiently.

Moreover, if any spots or stains appear on the carpets, floors, walls, furniture, or baseboards, clean them promptly.

Weekly Office Cleaning!

We sometimes understand it’s hard to take time from our busy schedule and clean our office daily. But no worries, we have a checklist for the weekly office cleaning procedure.

  • All surfaces, such as desks, filing cabinets, cubicle walls, and bookcases should be dusted.
  • Empty trash cans and refill garbage bags. If necessary, clean the garbage bin and the surrounding area.
  • Try to spray a disinfectant spray on a microfiber cloth or a cleaning wipe, such as germicidal disinfecting wipes, to wipe off telephones, calculators, desks, and computer keyboards thoroughly.

Month to month Office Cleaning Procedures!

Following are the few steps to follow for the Month to month’s Office Cleaning Procedures;


  • Clean divider-mounted units, for example, paper towel containers and hand dryers with a sanitizer splash. Focusing on all apparatuses and things in the bathroom.
  • Wipe down all upward surfaces in the workplace with a generally helpful cleaner.
  • Finish work areas, tables, seats, and some other wood objects by utilizing a furniture finish to assist with keeping an expert sparkle.
  • Residue or vacuum all vents, upward roundabout fans, and behind challenging to arrive at regions like tables and work areas.
  • Clean all windows with a glass cleaner to eliminate all imprints and fingerprints.
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